Data Migration

Data migration services follow an organized, productive methodology, utilizing our demonstrated information migration solution, to assist you with arranging and play out an effective migration of ace and dynamic information into your objective framework.Data migration can be a hazardous suggestion to embrace however is without a doubt a basic part of any program that includes change.

The need to migrate data happens constantly, whether because of capacity updates, merchant changes or capacity change ventures, so its basic undertaking level elements make certain about their picked solutions supplier. Our immense experience has demonstrated that a smooth relocation is a significant part of the achievement of any task, generally requiring cooperation among various partners.

Ammaiya can deal with the whole migration process from methodology, development, archives, and content. Our experience has demonstrated that these are a significant part of the accomplishment of the task. These viewpoints for the most part require joint effort among various gatherings, while continually keeping up the marking and message consistency across destinations - which can affect the remaining task at hand required.

At Ammaiya, we offer data migration solutions that enable you to move chronicled messages to your decision of different platforms either on-premise or into the cloud.

As your data migration specialist, we make it feasible for you to have the choices you have to deal with your information whether you are searching for approaches to move ebb and flow documents into Enterprise Vault, get information house from your facilitated provider services, or move Enterprise Vault over your equipment, Ammaiya is the data migration specialist who can give you the adaptability and force you to have to keep up a full chain of care at a cost that is moderate to you. Get in touch with us for more data!

With Ammaiya Data Integration Services, you can

  • Model and map data transfer services and information changes
  • Utilize configurable connector parts to effortlessly peruse from or keep in touch with almost any sort of document group, database, centralized computer framework, or venture application, just as cloud and SaaS information administrations like Salesforce and Netsuite.
  • Develop data migration and change forms in an intuitive graphical advancement condition, with the programmed age of the hidden code.
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